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This is just a quick follow up to my presentation which took place at Mcr FRED which is hosted by Simon Owen.

Mcr Fred is a cool and small organisation run by Simon; it is geared towards front-end web developers. He organises the whole thing including obtaining sponsorship; which buys beer and pizza, and pays for the speakers who aren’t always local, to get up here and talk to us from wherever they are.

During my presentation I mentioned there are numerous ways in which your desired audience can be targeted. One such method is to use keyword research to identify how many searches are made for a relevant keyword in your desired location. It’s also useful to see if there are any other Web Developers in Manchester targeting the very same keywords. Competition is a factor as there’s no point fighting over an over-saturated area which could yield little return on your efforts to get found.

To demonstrate I have created a report focusing on the following keywords:

  • freelance web designer manchester
  • freelance web developer manchester
  • freelance web design manchester
  • front-end developer manchester
  • front end developer manchester
  • front-end web developer manchester

They’re all relevant and they all get searched for, some have more competition than others. Overall they are pretty low numbers, they also come under the term “long-tail-keyword” which means they are what’s classed as “low hanging fruit”, i.e. should be a piece of piss to get found for.

You can download the Rankings-Report here.

Thanks for having me Simon! View the slides from the presentation here

About Morgan

Morgan is a web designer and front-end developer, who's speciality is producing websites built with the successful open source platforms: Wordpress & Magento. With a firm belief in offering a high level of customer service, combined with technical expertise and creativity, Morgan really does believe he can offer what most agencies would charge an arm and a leg for, at a fraction of the cost. When he's not trawling the internet for the latest design trends and SEO techniques you can find Morgan in his kitchen doing an impression of Keith Floyd. My Google Profile+
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